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April 17, 2020 Newsletter

After five weeks of a stay-at-home order you have:
• Deep cleaned your house
• Organized all closets
• Organized the garage
• Figured out how to video conference
• Discovered how to make bread
• Entertained a small child
• Organized Financial House

Did you check the last box? Just like deep cleaning your house and organizing the closets, organizing your financial house is a lot of work. Sometimes it is messy, you may find something funny or surprising along the way, but it always feels satisfying when it’s finished. You take a deep breath and smile.
We have a tool that will help you check that last box! is a secure personal financial organizer that encompasses your entire financial house from the roof to the sidewalk. And since, just like cleaning, the work is never “done,” makes updating your information easy.
Take a break and spend 15 minutes with Financial Planner Sarah Boston as she gives you a virtual tour of this powerful tool. Then take a deep breath and tackle one item in one section, you can come back and do more later. We call it the “Bookmark Break,” a few moments to tackle the things you have been meaning to do, the things you know are important.
If you have questions, please email or call, we are hear to help. And for now, we will spare you the long lecture on why this is so critically important, because we know you already know. 😉

P.S., we miss seeing you all very much! Please stay connected with us on Facebook and Instagram, we love hearing from you.

The Bookends Team

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